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Love Advice For Men

To attract women and get the attention of women, that seems so easy, but to make them fall in love with you is a challenging and difficult task if you don’t know what you’re doing.

To attract women and get the attention of women, that seems so easy, but to make them fall in love with you is a challenging and difficult task if you don’t know what you’re doing. Some say it is easy, some say it is hard. It all depend upon the individuals, situations and circumstances in their lives that will determine if it is easy or hard as some would say. Here are some love advice for men that will help navigate around the pitfalls in how to make women fall in love with him.

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There is a lot of traditional love advice for men to follow so they will be guided in their endeavor to win a woman’s heart. This traditional love advice for men involves the man to go through a long courting process and serve a woman like she is some goddess. While this may be a concerted effort on the man’s part. I doubt very seriously that this method will be that effective. Especially, not in this day and time where most people want instant gratification.

Here are some love advice for men that you can add to your lists that will probably be more effective than the “traditional” approach.

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First and foremost, men have to take their time and be imtimate and affectionate. It is not always about sex. Sometimes when men use the sex approach it repulses a woman. Sex do not, I repeat, sex do not start in the bedroom. It starts by holding hands and paying compliments. It starts in the car on the way home. It starts in the kitchen……. Take time to get to know your woman. Take time to get to know her likes and dislikes. Don’t assume anything when it comes to women. This is very important because in this way, women will feel that they are significant in your life. They will be very appreciative of the efforts you’re making in getting to know them. This is where most men fail, because they try to compensate for not learning and getting to know their woman by giving material things. I guarantee you, a woman would rather have quality time and attention from her man than a pocketbook or a pair of shoes. Well, maybe quality time, attention and the shoes….

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Love advice on building affection, do not take your woman for granted. Never ever fail to show appreciation to your woman, and show it in every step of the way of the relationship. I understand that all efforts must be done to win your woman, but if you’re in a relationship already, do not stop courting your woman. Continue to make her feel that she is needed, wanted and loved. So give surprises even if it is just small ones, she will surely appreciate it.

More love advice for men is that, men should be respectful of their woman. Always consider how and what she will feel with every decision and action that you make, or don’t make. So never make decisions for her because in that way, you are belittling her capacity to decide on her own and she will resent you for that. You do not own your partner so treat her as your partner and not as property. That’s why effective communication is essential to the growth and development in any relationship. Men sometimes fail in this department, so try to meet her halfway. Let your woman know that you are willing to hear her side. Make her feel that her feelings and issues also matters to you. Do this often and I guarantee you that you will not only win her heart, but you will gain her affection as well.

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