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How To Approach A Woman

It is the woman that you saw in a bar, or in the coffee shop or in the department store that you wanted to approach, but you did not have the guts to do so,

It is the woman that you saw in a bar, or in the coffee shop or in the department store that you wanted to approach, but you did not have the guts to do so, or you were scared you might say the wrong thing and ruin everything. There is no need for you to fear any longer, here are some helpful tips on how to approach a woman.

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One of the many things that you should learn about how to approach a woman is to know that the fastest exit you can make, the better. Let me elaborate on this further by giving you a brief synopsis of what I’m saying because I don’t want you to misinterpret my point. At the start of the conversation, it is understandable that you might possibly be star struck by her beauty. And you might not be thinking straight, which is making this scenario not good for any lengthy conversations. So why are you going to approach her in the first place if that’s the way you feel? Because the opportunity is golden, that’s why, and you may not get this opportunity again. So conquer your fears and seize the moment. The reason you will approach her is to simply ask for her name and contact information and that’s it, leave. This is because, at this time, you’re not ready to engage her in a lengthy dialog. And when you talk when you’re not ready, chances are, you stumble over your words increasing your chances of rejection by her. Do not give her a chance to do that. Once you have the information you need, make a graceful exit. This is a way of telling her that you are not pathetic. And then do not call her right away, give it a day or two, then call. She’ll be excited to hear your voice.

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In the event that you do summon the courage to speak to her upon first meeting her. Be careful to have content in your dialog. Content is essential when engaging in a dialog with a woman. Especially, when you’re speaking with someone you just met. Try not to ask silly questions that would put her on defense. Ask open ended questions that will engage her. Make her want to engage you by answering your questions. Give her time to warm up and open up to you. Make her feel at ease by sharing of yourself. Remember, this is only the initial conversation. Don’t make the mistake of asking for her hand in marriage because she seems irresistible. Also, don’t make the mistake of asking if she’s in a relationship. You will learn all of that in due time. These types of questions can create resistance, awkward moments and pressure. And pressure is the last thing that you want to create with someone you’re approaching and trying to get to know.

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Another important thing that you want to consider when approaching a woman, is appearance. Be cognizant of your appearance at all times. Especially, when you’re approaching a woman. You don’t have to be dressed in Armani suits and genuine leather Italian shoes. However, you shouldn’t be dressed like you just got finished working on your car, unless you did….. In that case, you may want to clean up a little before approaching that special someone. Look presentable and clean. Show her that you care about your appearance by taking pride in how you look.

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