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6 Signs That She Loves You

Do you find yourself always thinking about her and wondering if she loves you? Are you thinking about taking it to the next level, but you’re ambiguous to how she feels. Are you afraid of

Do you find yourself always thinking about her and wondering if she loves you? Are you thinking about taking it to the next level, but you’re ambiguous to how she feels. Are you afraid of being vulnerable around her only to be rejected? So how do you know when she truly loves you? Her kiss is one way she will tell you, but she will also tell you in a number of other ways. Some are obvious, others are not so obvious. If you are waiting for her to say the “L” word and she’s just as reluctant as you, examine these six signs and see if they apply to your relationship.

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  • She trusts you. If she lets you have your guy’s night out without questioning or disturbing you that’s a sign that she loves you. If you can go on a business trip that requires you to be away from home for a couple of days and she’s not ringing your phone off the hook because you haven’t had a chance to call her, that’s a sign she loves you.
  • She shows genuine concern. Love is making you some chicken noodle soup and dropping it off because you’re not feeling well. Love is showering you with gifts just because. Love is sharing her thoughts and ideas with you because she knows you will listen. Love is sending a text message that says I’m thinking of you, or calling to say hello. Love is leaving you a note in bed while you sleep. Love is remembering that thing you said you wanted and showing up at your door with it in her hand. Women are very good at sensing the needs of the people they love, and she will meet them without you even realizing you wanted it.
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  • Showing affection in public. A public display of affection is a very good sign that she is falling in love with you. She’s very touchy feely, she can’t seem keep her hands off of you. She always find a reason to touch you. Her touch is not always sensual or seductive, but it’s her way of being close to you. She may grab your arm, touch your head, or rub up against you. These are signs that she really cares and she may be falling in love with you.

  • She knows what you need when you are upset. This goes beyond those little surprises she is doing for you and is another element of women’s intuitive nature. This intuition is enhanced around the people they love. Women are simply better wired for picking up your nonverbal cues, and whether you realize it or not, you appreciate them for that. She knows when something is bothering you even without you saying a word. As men we sometimes need that from our woman especially after a trying day. Sometimes we come home from a long tiresome day and we don’t feel like expressing ourselves because of the weight of the world. We love and appreciate that intuition that our woman has to know what we need when we need it. Her touch and kind words makes it all better.

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  • She’s happy when she’s with you. A woman will have a bright and vibrant facial expression around the person she loves. She’s communicating, laughing, touching and allowing her little girl to come out and play. So pay close attention to her smile, eyes, and gesture. If she appears to be cheerful when she’s around you that a clear sign that she loves you.
  • She has your back in public. You may find yourself at times in an awkward situation at a social gathering or event where you have to address an issue while your woman is by your side. You find it awkward because it’s another woman who’s being disrespectful towards your woman by coming on to you. Although, you’re being diplomatic in how you’re handling the situation, your woman is ready to take a stance and back you because she respects and loves you. She will have your back in public in a way that you know nobody else will. Whether you are right or wrong she will have your back in public. However, if you are wrong, look out once you get home because she’s going to let you have it.

Women look forward to hearing those three magic words from her man, whereas men prefer to have those actions displayed. This is not to suggest that women don’t prefer those actions be displayed as well. What I’m saying is women like to hear it and have it shown at the same time. Love is an action word, and the way that you show love is by action. Women are very good at sensing this and will show you through their actions how they feel about you. If she behaves in a way that is generally caring and nurturing around you, then she definitely wants you to be a permanent fixture in her life. If you have seen any of these signs in your relationship, what are you waiting for? Run and tell her that you love her too!

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