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5 Worst Ways To Break Up With Her

Have you been trying to find a way to break up with her? Has the subject come up on several occasions but you couldn’t say the right words? If you feel like the relationship has

Have you been trying to find a way to break up with her? Has the subject come up on several occasions but you couldn’t say the right words? If you feel like the relationship has run its course, chances are so have she. What you do at this point is going to be scrutinized by her and others so you want to be courteous and compassionate as much as you can in the break up process.

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While it is true that breaking up is hard to do, you can still get through it without looking like the bad guy. How can you do that? By making sure you don’t use any of the following worst ways to break up with her. Why? Because in your effort to not look like the bad guy, that’s exactly what you are going to accomplish if you use any of these methods of getting out of the relationship.

  • Avoidance. Unless you are a total jerk avoiding her is not a good way to break up with her. It is probably the least courageous and most offensive breakup. Don’t just avoid her by not answering the phone, emails, text, or the door for that matter. Although, she will eventually get the message, you don’t want to create an atmosphere of discord between you two. As someone you shared intimate moments with you owe her the common courtesy to have a conversation about the break up. You know the saying “hell has no fury as a woman scorned”. You don’t want to upset her to that point. Besides, you shouldn’t treat anyone this way because it has a tendency to come back to you. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

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  • I’m too busy for a relationship.That may be the case, but you should have established this in the beginning before feelings got involved. You know and she knows that if you really wanted to be in the relationship you would make time for it. Just like you made time to get her in the bed, you would make time for the relationship. So be honest with yourself, and be honest with her. Don’t make excuses tell her the truth. You just don’t want to make time for her…anymore. She will respect you more for your honesty once her broken heart is mended.

  • It’s not you; it’s me. This is one of the worst breakup lines I have ever heard. Maybe you are having issues with maintaining a healthy relationship with her for whatever reason. You need to communicate that to her so she will have a better understanding of what’s going on. Don’t just cop out by taking the easy way out. Help her to better understand why it’s you, and not her. Respect her enough to spare her feelings and leave heart intact. Be courteous and compassionate in the breaking up process.
  • Creating the Atmosphere.. This is when you provoke her through displaying behavior that’s unbecoming of you. You may ignore her for an extended period of time. You may pick a fight or pester her when it’s convenient. Instead of being a responsible man about the situation you take the easy way out through provocation. You provoke her to wrath by pushing her buttons and finding a convenient way to break up with her. Don’t be a coward just be open and honest with her and tell her how and what you feel. She will respect you more for your honesty more so than you creating an atmosphere of hostility.

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  • Cheating. This is another way to create the atmosphere for her to out. You know that once she finds out that’s it, the relationship is over. Why subject yourself and her to that type of abuse. You have to think of the deeper ramifications for your actions. Depending upon her state of mind at the time that she finds out you’re cheating she can react a little psychotic and cause trouble for you and those around you. Although, you think that this is an effective and sure way to get rid of her you are setting yourself up for present or future disappointment. If by chance you’re successful in breaking up with her, the behavior you displayed to her will find its way back to you.

Breaking up and ending a relationship is never an easy task especially if you really liked the person. It becomes challenging and hard to do. However, if you can get through those awkward moments you can come out of it a better person. Not only will you come out a better person but she will respect and appreciate you more even though her heart may be broke. If you can make her last impression of you as kind and as sweet as her first, she’ll never have any reason to say a bad thing about you and you would have become a better man.

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